About Us

Developed by leading pet nutritionists, our pet foods represent the finest dry pet foods on the market

All our own pet foods have been developed with leading experts in both dog and cat nutrition and made with only the finest raw materials.

Hypoallergenic & Super Premium

Our super premium range is hypoallergenic (formulated without wheat and wheat gluten) and is therefore suitable for dogs with sensitivities to these ingredients. The range comprises of the very best nutrition for all sizes, lifestages and lifestyles of your pet – however sensitive they may be.

Our range is made in the UK, in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility which produces some of the world’s finest pet foods.

Our manufacturers have many years experience. Although we will always attempt to be the first to stock new ranges your pet will not be acting as a test animal.

We believe than you cannot find a better value dry pet food. Let your pet be the judge.

Why Dried Food?

Of course dried foods, moist foods and raw foods all have their advantages and disadvantages. We would obviously recommend that you find a dried food that your pet is happy to eat before buying several months supply ! Many pets like crunching and chewing their food, which also has dental benefits. Dried food is the most economical, without having any loss of nutrients. Why not compare the meat content of many of our products with a tinned pet food You are not paying for the packaging, transportation and storage of a product which is mostly water , It doesn't need to be kept in the fridge and is virtually odourless. Some studies indicate that an animal fed on dried food is less likely to overeat. A lean body condition is proven to increase both the quantity and quality of life.

You can order any of our foods in this brochure and your order will be delivered direct to your home in 48 hours. Please ask for details.

  • Top quality – best value
  • Super premium hypoallergenic
  • Range of sensitive and functional foods
  • For all sizes and lifestages
  • Your pet’s health and happiness depends on you and the food you choose

    To stay healthy, active and happy, dogs and cats, like humans, need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients, made easily available in a balanced tasty pet food.

    Functional Ingredients

    These high performance ingredients are added to the diet for specific nutritional benefits:
    • MOS & FOS: For gastrointestinal health and performance.
    • Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM: Shown to promote the maintenance of joints.
    • Yucca: Aids digestion and reduces faecal odours
    • Allergy-X®: A unique blend of herbs may help to alleviate “allergic signs such as itching, hair loss and mucky ears”.
    • Verm-X®: A natural herbal product that may help to control internal parasites.